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Big Jim’s Heating Element


This is an electric heater used to create steam in a Big Jim’s Steam Base.

  • Thread size: 1″ NPT
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Thermostat type: Dial (0 – 120 scale)
  • Length of cord: 45″
  • Length of heating coils: 11-3/4″
  • Voltage: standard 120v
  • Overall size of thermostat head: 4.75″ long x 3″ diameter
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Heating Element Data Sheet

Instructions for Electric Steam Base:

  1. If applicable, remove ALL protective vinyl before use. Failing to do so will result in the vinyl melting/burning onto the mirror-finish stainless steel.
  2. Install the heating element in the end of the Steam Base. Always use plumber’s tape or sealing compound on threaded connections to enhance the seal and prevent binding. Note that you may need to pinch the coils of the heating element in order to fit it through the port on the Steam Base.
  3. IMPORTANT: Read ALL instructions and warnings that come with the heating element to ensure proper use.
  4. Position the Steam Base on a sturdy, level work surface within reach of an electric outlet. Make sure all four of the rubber feet are positioned fully on top of your work surface. Fill the Steam Base with clean water so that the coils of the heating element are completely covered. If the coils are not fully immersed during use, overheating may cause damage and dangerous conditions.
  5. Place the Big Jim’s Parkerizing Tank flat on top of the Steam Base so that the tank’s drain valve is on the opposite end from the base’s thermostat. Plug the heating element into an outlet and turn on. Do NOT force the thermostat knob past the high limit stop. Do NOT leave unattended during use.
  6. Most of the steam will be trapped inside of the Steam Base, beneath the Parkerizing Tank. However, some minor leakage of steam may occur. If you need to add water to the Steam Base to maintain proper water depth, turn off and unplug the heater. Then allow surfaces to cool before attempting to move the Parkerizing Tank. There is one end of the Steam Base that does not have a lip on it. This allows you to slide the parkerizing tank to the side a few inches to check/add water to the Steam Base.

Prior to June, 2017, Big Jim’s offered an alternate brand of heating element called a Heet-O-matic by Vernatherm. Instruction/data sheets for this previous style heating element may be different from the information listed above and are available for download.


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